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At the playground



When kids playing at playground, you notice kids that look around the set with greedy eyes. Their eyes widen and they try to grab as many toys as they could and wouldn’t share or let anyone come close. They would grab it and stay where they are trying to
protect toys that they had under their grabby little arms and too scared to move or to do anything for fear that some other kids would sneak around and grab the toys they secured.

We’re too often like that. We’re give this life and all it’s blessings and we greedily reach for money and success and things that tied us up to it without realizing it. We’re so greedy and selfish that we didn’t even enjoy the money we have or the achievement we got because we’re too busy trying to either grab more or hold on to what we successfully claim.

Sadly … Us parents would laugh at this type of kids because we knew that there’s no way he/she could play with all of those toys even if they wanted to. Why? It’s simple … You need to let go everything and choose your priority. Which toys would you play first? You can’t just play two toys at the same time or you wouldn’t be able to either function it properly or enjoy it. Either way you gotta let go one to do the other. Or you’ll end up with lots of toys and can’t do anything but stares at others running around you while constantly in fear of losing what you hold. It’s sad Isn’t it?

But we do that in our life. See how ridiculous that is? We try to achieve everything at the same time. Too greedy with our wants that we missed the while point of living. That is to enjoy each moments and each way and decision you made.

At playground interestingly also the reaction of kids when we told them it’s time to go home.

Sometimes they bargain for extended time and we give it freely or we reason to them why they won’t be extended and that only have certain minutes to play before it’s time to go.

And here’s’ what normally happened.

A. This kids will try to negotiate wit you and beg you sweetly and sweet words and promises to do so many things that you just find too irresistible and too hard to ignore so you give in to their pleas.

B. this kids feels like they play enough and happy to go that they simply accept it “ok!” And happily play until the time to go or even prepare to go by putting their shoes and tidy up whatever toys they were playing and then turn to you and say “ok let’s go”

C. This kids will instantly protest and argue with you that “it’s not fair!!!!” They haven’t play enough… They haven’t try many of the other games.

Then this is where sometimes it could go either way.

Better way: you explain that it’s his/her fault for not playing and use his time wisely when you’ve given them all day to play. They would blame it on some kids who was playing the toy they want too long. Or blame the que.. They blame everything and everyone that could think of but themself.

Even when you counter “you could of play with other toy first.”

They would notice that it’s their fault and so accepted that they need to go even if they still think it’s not fair. And they make sure you know that they’re most definitely not happy with the decision but will accept it anyway. With heavy heart. (Kids can be dramatic)

The worse: they stood there and argue with you and start throwing tantrum and cry until they exhausted themself and still they finally realise they need to go home regardless and that all that crying around and whinging in fact leaves no more time for them to go back and play. They wasted their time doing their tantrum.

Don’t you see the similarities with us and life?

And toys….

We gave them the toys and they ignore it. Took one look and then just busied themself with running around or playing other things.

How normal it is for parents to remove that toy after seeing it neglected? And just when we do they look at us accusingly “hey!!!! That’s my toy you take”

And how many times you hear parents would say. “Oh sorry honey, I thought you didn’t

want it,  didn’t like it, so I take it back.”

In life often we’re blessed with something that we’re given because God love us and thought we would be happy only to realise we either didn’t care much for it or even often whingIMG_9345ing about how it burden us. But then God took it away and we got mad.

If you care, show it. Do something about it. Imagine someone give you a plant and you never water it.. It will die. So is it wrong if whoever saw it take it and nurture it? Since you’re so busy doing other things to care for this gift that was given to you?

Anyway… Just interesting thoughts on our life at playground called earth.



The bible is full or stories told in parable and often it confuses people who read it word for word without realizing the meaning behind it.

Having my kids probably one of the greatest gifts I ever received. I changed my life, my view of life, love, changed the way I think and perceive things but more importantly it helped me learn about my very own relationship with my Father who’s art in heaven.

Just like God and us, I see everything that he’s trying to say within he bible in parenting.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have kids or think that it can’t possibly relate to parenting. Each


relationship are different. No two are the same. My relationship with God won’t be the same with yours. He would speak to you differently and how you take his approach might be different from what works for me.

But from this all, it seems to me that no matter what you do.. When you truly passionate about something or love something so much whether its your love for your career, parenting, sports, gardening, Teaching… God will speak to you through it. You just have to realise the relations to it.

You’d be amaze at your findings and how God trying to tell you in little things while doing something you truly love.

As for me, my kids are my teachers. They taught me so much about my relationship with God and change my understanding. Every day moments with my kids and their responses reflecting a greater story that was quite an eye opener.

You will find things that might help or inspire your or something you hopefully can relate and help you in someway.

Uplifting quotes. Songs to strengthen you. And stories that make you see things differently.

This is my understanding of my relationship with The Father.